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A little about me

Hello, my name is William Cody House.

  Being born and raised on the island of Kaua`i I developed an obsession with the raw beauty and power of mother nature. Specifically the ocean, which is a never ending flow of energy, constantly moving and changing. I enjoy chasing and capturing these fleeting moments in time, the moments when all of the elements come together, focused to a single point in time and space.

  I seek out natural light conditions and thrive in situations that require me to find a balance between controlling what I can and working with what the environment gives me. I love to seek out the sort of perspectives that allow me to create unique and captivating images. 


  Finding balance is a very important aspect of my life and I embrace the realism and surrealism that you are able to create with the photographic medium. I am an artist and do not limit myself and love to use photography as one of my many tools that I use to express myself.

I have recently moved to the Pacific North West with the love of my life in search of a new adventure. We fell in love while she was stationed on Kaua`i and now we have come back to where she is from. While I am excited to continue my pursuit of Fine Art Photography 

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